What Are Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers of All Time?

What is happening to the great game? It's a game of big money now and with Gareth Bale's world record destroying move from Tottenham to Real Madrid, we look at what has happened in terms of massive transfer fees with the Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers of All-Time! Who will be next to get the

Platini dreams of a bigger World Cup

A 40 nation World Cup? The World Cup could soon face a chop-and-change. Michel Platini feels the tournament could do with a shake-up and would like to see more diversity throw into the mix.   The UEFA president thinks FIFA should investigate the potential success an expansion to the number of World Cup places up

Soktour’s Pate 310 shock IRB the Lords

Cambodian Basketball League – Soktour's Pate 310 shock IRB the Lords The Galaxy may have been torn to shreds just as expected, but in game week 16 the CBL still had some surprises for us. Well it wasn’t actually too surprising for those of us at Sports Express. We called this one down to the

Cambodian Basketball League – Game Week 16 Build-up

It seems like the Cambodian Basketball League in association with Western Union have a bit of time on their hands, as we head into game week 16 with only two games being offered up on the match card.   Rushed fixtures, being included mid-week and Friday nights have become a thing of past. Ganzberg’s pull

American Sports Round Up Football’s coming home!

American Sports Round Up Thank your chosen deity the NFL is back!! It is indicative of the positioning of the NFL’s positioning on the American and global sporting landscape, that this weeks US sports round up will be devoted to the NFL. Put simply, this league dwarves most others in the world. The climate of