CBL Build-up game week 7

Cambodian Basketball League News

It’s here! It’s game week 7 in the Cambodian Basketball League! It’s Beeline Arena time!
Cambodian Basketball League News game week 7

We’re back for the 3rd weekend in a row the Cambodian Basketball League in association with Western Union with throw-up early. The weekly spectacle at the Beeline will again start with a 10am game.

CBL table

This weekend our 4 games are:

IRB the Lords vs. the Galaxy

CCPL Heat vs. the Buffaloes

Cellcard Eagles vs. Extra Joss Warriors

Alaxan FR Patriots vs. NSK Dream

IRB the Lords vs. the Galaxy

IRB the Lords… Where to start? They’re pretty good! I guess that’s as good a place as any. According to their Facebook page they’re “just 15 guys who want to play basketball and compete for the CBL title”. Well mission accomplished competing, they are! They will be looking to add to their 3 wins from 3 so far.

The Galaxy shocked all on the opening weekend with some fantastic play, but since then the form has snowballed somewhat. 2 defeats on the trot have left them lingering just above last place. This week though the Galaxy have the Lords, so I can’t see a major turn-around in fortunes. If they are to do something much will rest on the shoulders of Kelvin Chau.

Sports Express prediction: IRB the Lords

IRB the Lords

CCPL Heat vs. the Buffaloes

The Buffaloes have been taken to the slaughter house recently, and now the Heat will looking to bring the branding iron down on the their backsides by inflicting yet another defeat. This would take the Buffaloes tally to 0 and 4.

The Heat did however suffer a shock defeat to Pate 310 last time out, but if I was a Buffalo I’d be more worried than happy about that result. The Heat will desperately be looking to bounce back!

Sports Express Prediction: CCPL Heat. But hoping the Buffaloes can surprise us.

Cellcard Eagles vs. Extra Joss Warriors

A big game in every regard, two big team, two sets of even bigger players, all gunning for a win!

The Warriors are 3 and 0, but are good set of ballers can really cause them some problems. The truth is the Warriors are not invincible! The Buffaloes gave them a run for their money, Pate 310 almost slayed the giants. In fact the only time this team have won and could unquestionably hold their heads high was last week against NSK Dream.

Cellcard Eagles are on 2 wins and 1 loss. They’re undefeated in their last 2 games and won’t be pushed aside easily. This might just be the Warriors toughest challenge yet, and the Eagles could really cause some problems. Especially if Keith Kelly can replicate his debut performance!

Kelly contributed 27 points in the Eagles win over the Galaxy in game week 5.

Sports Express Prediction: This is a very tough one and I'm going to be brave Cellcard Eagles


Alaxan FR Patriots vs. NSK Dream

Actually this should be the game of the day. These are two teams with similar styles, very similar styles!

Sports Express had a moment to catch up with the guys from NSK Dream last weekend, and to put it simply their even worried about the challenge posed by this weekend’s opposition. Needlessly to say, they’ve followed the Patriots ride to the top, and anyone who has followed the Patriots knows what this team are capable of.

Of course, the Patriots will enter the Arena as favorites, with their ever calm guru and their unique team spirit. However don’t take anything away from NSK Dream. They will provide stiff competition in what should be a fabulous game.

Sports Express prediction: The Alaxan Patriots. No doubts! But still a really good game.

Alaxan Patriots

Game times:

IRB the Lords vs. the Galaxy    10am

CCPL Heat vs. the Buffaloes     2pm

Cellcard Eagles vs. Extra Joss Warriors    4pm

Alaxan FR Patriots vs. NSK Dream    6pm

All games will take place on Saturday July 20th at Beeline Arena just over the Chroy Changvar Bridge.




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