Cambodian Basketball League game week 10 – Build-up

The Beeline Arena will again play host to one of the biggest weekly sporting events in the country when the CBL teams return to the blue court this Saturday.


3 games, 6 teams, and 120 minutes of the Kingdom’s finest basketball, because the Cambodian Basketball League in association with Western Union is back.

So let’s have a look at what game week 10 has to offer.

This weekend our 3 games are:

Phnom Penh Dragons vs. Galaxy     2pm

Pate 310 vs. the Post Buffaloes      4pm

Extra Joss Warriors vs. Sela Meas    6pm



Game 1:
Phnom Penh Dragons vs. Galaxy


The Dragons won last time out against Pate310, with assistant coach Jay Boolkin taking the reins in place of Michael Dibbern. Dibbern is back in the Dragons hot-seat this weekend to face the Galaxy, and in doing so, faces off against some of his former players. The most dangerous of which will be Kelvin Chau!


That said Chau is cutting a more frustrated figure each week. He looks dissatisfied with life at the Galaxy. While fitness is also proving to be a major issue for many of the Chinese Lánqiú yùndòngyuán (b-ballers), the latter stages are were the Galaxy fall short. If they are to take the points much will rest on Chau and Long Zheng.

Dibbern will again call on the services of Ben Laird and Erik Laughlin, but in the last game the Dragons found something that had been lacking, unity. But it had better still be there on Saturday, because the Dragons need a win here. One quick look at the fixture list tells you they have some tough games coming up.

Sports Express prediction: Phnom Penh Dragons should be a comfortable win for them too.

Game 2:
Pate 310 vs. the Post Buffaloes


The only thing separating these 2 is a couple of baskets and one place in the CBL rankings. Both teams have so far recorded 4 defeats and one victory, strangely both teams narrow successes came against the CCPL Heat.


Pate 310 will again look to their inspirational number 9 Soktour, who has shown week in week out just what he’s capable of. Taing Peng Kuy has also proved himself to be a vital cog in the side, and he will need to carry forward his recent 3 point shooting exploits, if Pate 310 are to take the spoils this weekend.

The Post Buffaloes will be desperate to have Kosal and Roden back after both were severely missed in their recent defeat to Ganzberg. But if the 2 are back, the Buffaloes become a whole different animal, and they are certainly capable of a stampede.


Now I know the Buffaloes have been unlucky, but they have to starting pulling together some sort of form if they are to make a break for the play-offs. Roden and Kosal need to be in that line-up and others like Baker and Johnny Lim, these guys can play, this weekend they have to.

Sports Express prediction: The Post Buffaloes

Game 3:
Extra Joss Warriors vs. Sela Meas


Sela Meas could leapfrog the Warriors in the CBL table this weekend. The Warriors boast an impressive 4-1 record, but last week’s defeat at the hands of the Lords left them wounded, and they need to pick themselves back up.


Sela Meas on the other hand are riding high after conquering the Galaxy in an all-round solid performance. This week though, Tuy, Samnang and co. will have a job on their hands to stop Babida and Denestrosa.

These 2 fast breakers know how to utilize the wings and are a constant threat. We know they won’t be at their best, but the Warriors should just grind out a result here. Anything else would be a shock.

Sports Express prediction: Extra Joss Warriors

All games will take place at the Beeline Arena just over the Chroy Changvar Bridge this coming Saturday, August 17th. Free entry, plus Blue Pumpkin, it’s not free though!




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