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Soktour’s Pate 310 shock IRB the Lords

Cambodian Basketball League – Soktour's Pate 310 shock IRB the Lords The Galaxy may have been torn to shreds just as expected, but in game week 16 the CBL still had some surprises for us. Well it wasn’t actually too surprising for those of us at Sports Express. We called this one down to the

Cambodian Basketball League – Game Week 16 Build-up

It seems like the Cambodian Basketball League in association with Western Union have a bit of time on their hands, as we head into game week 16 with only two games being offered up on the match card.   Rushed fixtures, being included mid-week and Friday nights have become a thing of past. Ganzberg’s pull

Cambodian Basketball League Game week 15 – Build-up

Game week 15, not long to go now, as the robin round of the CBL draws ever nearer to its conclusion, the race for the top-eight is heating up. While teams like Alaxan Patriots and IRB the Lords are all but guaranteed their play-offs’ passage, others are under pressure to clinch their spot in the

CBL Exclusive: Ganzberg pull out – ‘a team decision’

Friday night throw-up anyone? Last week proved Friday the 13th is not a day is to host a basketball league match, as it can have serious unforseen ramafications.   On Friday night Ganzberg and NSK Dream took to the court in a replay of their game week 12 fixture and Cambodian Basketball League in association

Pate 310 Play-offs? Pate may be on their way

  In the first throw-up of the afternoon we saw the Cellcard Eagles face off against the all Khmer Pate 310 in a game the saw old legs come up against significantly younger ones. Despite the whole city being in lock down, a small troupe of Pate fans managed to make the trek across the