Phnom Penh Dragons favorites for Galaxy clash

With the Phnom Penh Dragon’s 2pm CBL throw-up against the Galaxy looming, head coach Michael Dibbern has been reflecting on the past in an effort to find some insights into what kind of threat the opponent may pose on Saturday.

Phnom Penh Dragons

Though the 2 teams have yet to face each other in a competitive match in the Cambodian Basketball League in association with Western Union, Dibbern knows all too well where the danger will come from.

Dibbern coached 3 Galaxy players when they turned-out for the Dragons in last year’s Basketball Challenge, and one name that stands out on that list is Kelvin Chau.


“I know him very well. He’s a fantastic player: great 3 points shooter, great ball handler and almost unstoppable one-on-one.”

“But he also has weaknesses. And this is something I’ll keep for me.” Dibbern told Sports Express with a wink.

There is another element to the Galaxy that Dibbern worries about though, and that is the abilities of the Long Zheng.

“Zheng has been shooting very well so far in the League. I hope he won’t be performing too well on Saturday. Otherwise we’ll have to activate the ‘Big Blocks Plan’.”

The Phnom Penh Dragons are favorites heading into this clash, form is on their side, and to be quiet honest the Galaxy have been useless since their thrilling debut in game week 2.

But favorite has been something that the Dragons have failed to live up to in the past; complacency is something that creeps in when the Dragons become a little over-confident, and Dibbern moved to play down the favorites tag.

“The League has shown so far that everything is possible, especially the unexpected. Sure it is a game we want to win, and if we play hard enough we can.”

“The team has been working hard and deserves a big up for this. The spirit is great and the players continue to gel and improve individually too. We win as a team and lose as a team.”

They may lose as a team, but this weekend by God they’d better win, as there are some scary fixtures right around the corner: the Lords, the Warriors, and the Patriots! These youngsters need all the points they can manage, because soon they may be in short supply.

The Dragons will face off against the Chinese on Saturday August 17th at the Beeline Arena just across the Chroy Changvar Bridge.




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