The Post Buffaloes Blues

There was more CBL misery for the Post Buffaloes, as their record now reads 1 and 6 after they fell to a 20pt defeat at the hands of Pate310.

The Post Buffaloes vs Pate 310

The Buffalo troupe lead by Princess Soma Norodom was, as per usual, there to cheer on the Herdsman, but as per usual the Buffaloes failed to rise to the challenge, which could prove to be a major blow to their play-off chances.

Ok. They may have an easier run-in than most of the teams above them, well the ones they realistically have a chance of catching in the current standings, but confidence much be completely shot at this point.

At least those above them have laid down some wins at the point, while the Buffaloes have recorded just one stacked against numerous defeats.

It’s hard to see just where it’s all going wrong. I mean, they have the players there is no doubt: Roden, Kosal, Baker, Johnny Lim to name but a few. Maybe, there’s no spark, or fire, or something. Well anyway they lost again. Actually they were killed by 20pts.

Now time for the autopsy!

The Post Buffaloes vs Pate 310
It’s been a long road back to recovery for Jay Roden. There is no question that his enforced absence has played a major role in where the Buffaloes now sit in the table. No question! But Jay wasn’t firing this weekend, although it would be unfair to single out just him, plenty of others were guilty.

By half-time they had already fallen considerably behind, Soktour and Peng Kuy were tearing them apart and just adding more and more baskets by each passing minute. The deficit was 10pts, 36-26, and it wasn’t looking likely they would relent in 2nd half of the game. The Buffaloes looked dejected!

Kosal Khiev looked particularly off in the early stages and seemed to have forgotten that it’s a team game. Roden must have told him to “pass the ball” easily 30 times by the half-time interval. Step in Adam Noah!

Noah drove the team forwards and brought up the standard of the Buffaloes overall play, but it was enough. They were again second best to Soktour and Peng Kuy whose constant assault on the Buffaloes basket ensured they doubled Pate 310’s lead by the final buzzer.

Noah put in an assured performance in the second half to try to right the wrongs in the Buffaloes play to that point, he managed to match Soktour’s scoring rate contributing 23 points. Not bad when you consider Kosal came closest of his team-mates to matching him with a not-so-hot 9pts.

Taing Peng Kuy proved to be the game’s MVP taking a stunning 28 points, most coming from distance. He’s uncovered a rich vein of form at the moment and so be watched out for in the coming weeks, as Pate 310 try to continue to navigate their way towards the play-offs.

The Buffaloes will try to the next turn off ‘I’m-not-going-to-the –play-offs Blvd’ when they face the Dragons next weekend. Pate 310 will throw-up against NSK Dream on the 31st. Both games will take place at the Beeline Arena.




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